Patricia Xiang joins Layer N as Head of Growth

October 4th, 2023 by Layer N (opens in a new tab)


New York – September 28, 2023 - Layer N, a hyper-performant layer 2 blockchain designed to scale financial applications on Ethereum, today announced the hiring of Patricia Xiang as its Head of Growth. As Head of Growth, Patricia’s primary focus will be to increase DeFi development and integration of traditional finance companies on the blockchain, and showcase the financial application possibilities only attainable through Layer N’s technology.

Patricia brings with her several years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, most recently at Vertex Protocol, a hybrid orderbook-AMM DEX on Arbitrum that has accumulated $7.5B in aggregate volume over the past five months. At the company, Patricia led several initiatives focusing on ecosystem and partnership growth. In her previous roles, she brought more than $90 million aggregated TVL to Euler Finance and helped attract mainstream attention to

“I am excited to join Layer N as the company moves from stealth mode into its next phase of strategic growth post-launch,” Patricia commented. “The solution that Layer N has developed is a unique one for both the existing DeFi ecosystem and financial institutions, providing them with the backbone infrastructure to create applications with performances parallel to traditional finance. I look forward to working with the team and helping the company achieve its mission of developing the global financial system on the Ethereum blockchain."

Layer N is composed of hyper-performant and customized modular rollups, with best-in-class scalability and shared communication layers for unified liquidity. Built on a shared communication protocol, the layer 2 blockchain allows rollup instances to seamlessly compose with and message each other. Ultimately, it aims to become infrastructure optimized for financial applications with dedicated institutional onboarding rails.

Recently, Layer N announced a $5 million fundraise and upcoming deployment of a public testnet where users can experience Layer N’s technology firsthand. Being built on Ethereum, the first smart contract-compatible blockchain on the market, the Layer N technology is secure, stable, and reliable for both developers and users.

About Layer N

Layer N is a novel layer 2 network designed to hyper-scale decentralized finance on Ethereum. Layer N aims to provide performance and user experiences similar to modern financial networks, but fully on-chain and decentralized. Developers can build hyperperformant financial applications leveraging shared liquidity and seamless composability. Layer N is bringing the global financial system to Ethereum.