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Layer N Launches Liquidity Program With $20M Commitment From Amber Group

April 18th, 2024 by Layer N

Testnet Live

Layer N is launching a liquidity program to support decentralized financial applications. Amber Group, a leader in digital asset and wealth management, is the first participant, with a $20 million commitment.

The liquidity program supports early-stage finance protocols built on Layer N’s high-throughput StateNet, with the goal of fostering a robust onchain ecosystem. This capital allows founders, builders, and developers to create more innovative financial products and bring them to market faster. Amber Group’s participation signals deep institutional support for this mission.

More participants will be announced in the coming weeks.

About Amber Group

Amber Group is a global leader in digital asset management and advisory services. With more than 2000 institutional clients and $1 trillion in cumulative volume, Amber has been at the cutting edge of crypto strategy since 2017.

About Layer N

Layer N is an Ethereum StateNet, a category-defining Layer 2 with peerless performance. Layer N functions as an execution layer for XVMs – customizable, application-specific virtual machines – on a composable base of shared communication and unified liquidity. The result is a solution that enables thousands of rollups to feel like a single chain that can rival centralized systems