Research & Announcements

Nord—Changing the Game for On-chain Exchanges

Introducing Nord, the first rollup specifically designed to scale on-chain exchanges. Read more →


Former DFINITY + Cisco Eng Lead Faraz Shaikh joins Layer N as VP of Engineering

Layer N welcomes a former DFINITY, Cisco, and VMWare engineering lead to spearhead core blockchain technology development. Read more →


Former Vertex + Euler Growth Lead Patricia Xiang joins Layer N as Head of Growth

Layer N welcomes an ex-Vertex, Euler, and SSV Network crypto veteran to lead its growth efforts. Read more →


Zero-knowledge Fraud Proofs

When designing a rollup, one key design consideration is how to ensure security and trust while still increasing the scalability of the underlying Layer 1. Read more →


Seamless Inter-rollup Connectivity

In a future where multiple specialized rollups exist, seamless inter-rollup communication will be key towards unlocking massive capital efficiency and seamless user experiences. Read more →