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Former DFINITY + Cisco Eng Lead Faraz Shaikh joins Layer N as VP of Engineering

October 17th, 2023 by Layer N


New York – October 17, 2023 - Layer N, a hyper-performant Layer 2 (L2) blockchain designed to scale financial applications on Ethereum, today announced the hiring of Faraz Shaikh as its Vice President of Engineering. As Vice President of Engineering, Faraz will focus on further developing the technological capabilities of Layer N, ensuring that the speed and processing of the L2 have an edge within the traditional finance landscape.

Faraz brings several years of experience in the sectors of digital assets and technology, including cloud computing and software development. Most recently, Faraz served as the Chief Technical Officer for Ethereum scaling solution AppVika and as Lead of Engineering at DFINITY, a key contributor to the Internet Computer Blockchain. At both companies, he was responsible for ensuring rapid growth and scalability of the products starting from their launch.

Faraz commented on joining Layer N as VP of Engineering: "I am honored and excited to join the dynamic team at Layer N. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and dedication to engineering excellence in order to make DeFi a competitive trading environment is inspiring. I am eager to contribute my expertise and collaborate with the incredible talent here, as we work together to shape the future of technology and bring groundbreaking solutions to the financial world.”

Layer N is composed of hyper-performant and customized modular rollups, with best-in-class scalability and shared communication layers for unified liquidity. Built on a shared communication protocol, the layer 2 blockchain allows rollup instances to seamlessly compose with and message each other. Ultimately, it aims to become infrastructure optimized for financial applications with dedicated institutional onboarding rails.

Faraz will play a significant role at Layer N in preparing the Ethereum scaling solution for its testnet phase, which the Layer 2 aims to enter later this year.

About Layer N

Layer N is a novel layer 2 network designed to hyper-scale decentralized finance on Ethereum. Layer N aims to provide performance and user experiences similar to modern financial networks, but fully on-chain and decentralized. Developers can build hyperperformant financial applications leveraging shared liquidity and seamless composability. Layer N is bringing the global financial system to Ethereum.