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Testnet Launch—Phase I

April 10th, 2024 by Layer N

Testnet Live

Wen testnet? Now testnet.

Public testnet is the first opportunity to experience how Layer N operates. Users and developers can see first-hand how increased compute and shared liquidity enables a new class of on-chain applications. With high throughput, low latency, and elite composability, Layer N rivals even the fastest existing centralized networks.

The testnet will contain three phases:

  • Phase I: Launching NordVM, our first XVM
  • Phase II: Launching NEVM, a public EVM chain.
  • Phase III: Integration of our StateNet, the unified communication layer

Phase 1: NordVM

This first testnet phase is for NordVM (opens in a new tab), the first XVM implementation on Layer N. NordVM is an exchange-optimized engine with ultra-low latency (sub 50ms), higher throughput (100,000+ TPS), and negligible transaction fees. It settles tens of thousands of orders per second on a massively scalable orderbook and enables advanced features like cross-margining and cross-collateral across thousands of markets and assets. Experience NordVM on Layer N here (opens in a new tab).

Join the testnet here (opens in a new tab) with wallet. Plus, link your Twitter and Discord for exclusive features. About Layer N

Layer N is a novel execution layer, designed as a network of rollups atop a shared communication and liquidity layer. It works as the execution layer for thousands of hyper-optimized rollups, while maintaining a unified, simple front-end UX. We envision a world where thousands of rollups work together seamlessly, without withdrawal periods, bridging risks, or latency, solving the problems of sharding and bridge-centric architecture.Layer N launched out of stealth in September 2023 with $5 million from Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund.